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Learn to Cook Mediterranean Cuisine on Culinary Journey Around Greece

by admin

A brand new package from Greece tour specialists Unforgettable Greece offers vacationers a 12-day culinary journey, island-hopping through Athens, Naxos, Santorini and create while experiencing authentic Greek cookery classes.

The new tour enables visitors to learn about the renowned Mediterranean, and even how to cook authentic dishes of their own whilst going on a cultural expedition around Greece.

Vacationers will be treated to a diverse and extensive gastronomical journey in a variety of picturesque settings to explore the celebrated Mediterranean. In Naxos visitors are invited to travel to the unique village where they will try Roost, an authentic Greek dish made with pork and garlic, and have the chance to try serving local delicacies such as traditional crepes with locally made jams.

In Santorini, holidaymakers will enjoy an authentic cooking lesson in a Greek home. They’ll be welcomed with local and appetizers as they learn about the island’s local foods. Helping to prepare Greek dishes using fresh and local ingredients under the direction of the head chef, they’ll then head out onto the terrace to eat their hard-earned meal.

In Crete, visitors will collect their own wild herbs before heading to a small village to join a cooking. They’ll learn all about the local herbs and their different uses before including them in salads, pesto and appetisers.

The Mediterranean has risen to popularity to prevent heart with its fresh, non-processed approach and properties.

New research released in the past month has found that a Mediterranean can improve cognitive function in older, while another study rated the Mediterranean as the best food plan.

It is typically high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and of course, olive oil. The main components include daily consumption of the mentioned foods, weekly intake of fish, poultry, beans and eggs, moderate portions of dairy products and limited intake of red meat. One of the definite upsides is the inclusion and even encouragement.

With Unforgettable Greece, vacationers will have the opportunity to sample some of the most delicious in Europe. First, they travel through the stunning Canyon to a famous monastery that produces harmony with the area’s wild landscape. They’ll walk through the Mega Spileon vineyards enjoying the picturesque scenery before sampling their fine. Visitors will also visit the mountainous region of Aigialia known for its elegant made with Roditis grapes.

In Crete, lovers will be taken on an expedition to learn about Cretan. Exploring three wineries, visitors will learn about cultivation and harvesting. They’ll be given the chance to try local flavours while learning
about the methods that go into making them, led by an expert sommelier.

Throughout the journey, vacationers will be guided on pairing their meals with the finest of wine with the opportunity to try homemade Cretan and homemade raki liqueur.

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